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ABOUT US (Really Just me)

I am a financial writer and former insuance agent, stock broker, series 6 and 63 license holder. I am no longer licensed, so I do not sell products directly to visitors.

I enjoy wrestling, landscaping, breadmaking and spending time with my family (not in that order). I have authored a number of financial and insurance websites and have enjoyed many joint partnerships over the last 14 years.

If you have a service or business that is legit and would benefit my visitors, please contact me. I am a former stockbroker with an accounting and pro se legal background, so I will investigate thouroughly before offering anything to my shoppers.

annuity dividend I built ARM Financial to offer financial solutions for annuities. I would like Armfinancial.com to one day a preferred source for general annuity info. I am working to achieve that goal in a number of ways.

By providing disadvantages about annuities (which most salesman won't spend must time one) you can complete your financial journey by choosing the best product that provides accumulation, protection, and longevity.

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